Here's how we do it ...

If you’re interested in a painting of your pet, give me a call, or just email your pictures.  I paint from good photographs as my reference.  I can also photograph your pet myself if you're local.  We'll decide together which pictures(s) would work best, and keep a correspondence throughout the process.

Pricing starts around $400, increasing with size, background detail, number of pets, etc.  I'd have to consider the particular images to give a firm quote.

My media is mostly oil and/or acrylic on canvas. I paint realistically, but also keep it loose and textural.  

Of course it doesn’t have to be a “pooch”.  I love painting cats, horses, birds, people, cars, murals, landscapes, collages— whatever you want.  Ultimately my goal here is to capture YOUR love's personality, and express that in a great painting that you'll love forever !

Contact me HERE.

–David Soileau

Tips for Good Photographs...

Good Lighting:  Not too dark, and not washed out.

Crop in Tight:  We want to see their eyes, face, and personality... (not so much the walls, tables, or TV behind).

Distinctive Pose and Setting:  Is your big dog also a big couch potato? Does your cat like to perch on the window sill in the sunlight? ... then photograph that!

Maybe bring in a little extra color:  Perhaps a bright cushion that they're lying on, or their favorite toy.


"David,  You really made our Christmas a special one!!!  My wife was thrilled with the portrait as was I.  Words can’t really express my appreciation for what you have done.  This is a gift that will last a lifetime.  I will never be able to top it!!!"


"She absolutely LOVES it and I can't express how awesome it is, just wanted to say thanks again and I'll be in touch soon!"


"(My husband) absolutely loved the portrait.  I was as pleased with his reaction as he was with it.  I wanted to see the expression of his face, so I just had him close his eyes, held it in front of him, and then open his eyes.  He was speechless with tears in his eyes for about 30 seconds.....  Hope you had a wonderful holiday - and thanks for helping to make ours the best."


“David, the painting of Penny is wonderful. It is as if she were in the room with us. Thank you for your talent and your getting in done in time for Christmas. It brought both tears and smiles.

I will surely let others know of your talent.”